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Chef Jonathon Sawyer

Media Kit

Chef Jonathon Sawyer is a rising star in the culinary world and he has several exciting television appearances coming up. Fans can look forward to seeing him compete on popular cooking shows such as Tournament of Champions, Guy's Grocery Games, and Alex vs. America. These appearances are a testament to Chef Sawyer's talent and creativity in the kitchen, and his ability to take on challenges in high-pressure environments. As a James Beard Award-Winning chef and Food & Wine Best New Chef, viewers can expect Chef Sawyer to bring his signature style and innovative approach to every dish he creates. With his exceptional skills and culinary vision, Chef Sawyer is sure to impress audiences and judges alike on these upcoming shows.

Chef Jonathon Sawyer's media kit showcases the culinary expertise, experience, and social reach of the renowned chef. With over 20 years of experience in the food industry, Chef Sawyer's media kit highlights his impressive background and achievements, including being a James Beard Award Winner and a Food & Wine Best New Chef as well as his television appearances including his most recent appearance as a contestant on Tournament of Champions Season 4 on The Food Network. 

Download Chef Sawyer's
media kit below:

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